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catmose primaryPARENTS 

At Catmose Primary we believe that parents and carers play a vital role in a child’s education, safety and well-being. In order to support this important partnership we operate an ‘Open Door’ policy. Your views are always respected and listened to. Parents and carers are actively encouraged to discuss any matter of concern at the earliest opportunity.

We provide a ‘Drop In’ facility where the School Nurse is available for confidential advice, usually every two weeks.

There are also parent and child family learning opportunities on a regular basis run in conjunction with Rutland Family Learning.


We have a 30 place Breakfast Club which provides before school care from 7.50am. Children are given a healthy nutritious breakfast and play quiet games for the low cost of £2 per day.

We offer an After School Club, from 3.45 to 5.30 each evening for pupils at the school. They play games and take part in activities and are given a light tea of sandwiches. This cost £5 per session. Please book your sessions via ParentPay here.


We encourage the children to exercise self-discipline and consideration for others. We encourage and celebrate good manners and politeness shown by our children both within the school and during visits away from school. We pride ourselves in our whole school approach to positive discipline.

Although rare, any reported incident of bullying in the school is taken very seriously and is dealt with in accordance with our antibullying policy. Copies are available from the school Office or via our policies page.

Good behaviour is rewarded in an age appropriate way through:

  • Stickers
  • Star Tickets for good citizenship
  • Privilege Points
  • Privilege Time
  • A ‘Star of the Week’ as celebrated in our weekly ‘Stars Assembly’.
  • An invitation to the ‘Top Table’ on a Friday lunchtime.

If a child does not comply with school rules they are given a warning. If the poor behaviour continues the class teacher and/or the Principal will contact parents as appropriate. In very rare and serious cases formal exclusion procedures may be invoked.

The school has a ‘zero tolerance’ policy on bad language. Parents are always informed, either verbally or in writing if a child has been using inappropriate language in school.


You can view the Department of Education Performance Tables here


Details of how this grant allocation is spent, can be found via this link to our Sports page