catmose primaryIn the Early Years, Mathematics is known as Problem Solving, Reasoning and Numeracy and is one of 6 areas of learning taught on a daily basis through the indoor and outdoor learning environments. This indoor and outdoor learning is continued into KS1.

The children follow our own calculation policy and learn the key skills to begin their Mathematical understanding. Similar to Literacy, the children learn through real experiences linked to their daily lives. Early Years and KS1 children have a daily Mathematics focus and are often set challenges in which to use and consolidate their learning.

We follow our own Calculation Policy which is based on the Dcsf National Strategies, but is planned to meet the specific needs of our children at Catmose Primary.

To help clarify the type of calculation used in each year group in Mathematics for parents, we have created the following document.  Please click here to view the document and if you need any further information, see your class teacher.