Catmose Preschool is a new, purpose-built 24 place preschool for children from 3 to 5 years, situated at Catmose Primary School. The Preschool is open from 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday, except bank holidays and two weeks over Christmas. We offer full days 8am to 6pm and sessional places of mornings 8am to 1pm, or afternoons 1pm to 6pm.

Children can attend Catmose Preschool after their 3rd birthday; visits and settling-in sessions are recommended before starting.

We use the School’s hall and playground for music and movement sessions and physical development. The Preschool children are part of the School’s Star’s Assembly a few times during the School Term and take part in Catmose Primary’s Sports Day and May Day Celebrations.

The Preschool is inspected as part of the annual school review and received an overall ‘outstanding’ rating, reflecting the high standard of childcare and education provided by our dedicated staff. Our Ofsted registration number is 857 2313.

You can also download a copy of our prospectus here.

Sam Leitch, our Preschool Senior Practitioner, will be happy to answer any of your queries – please call her on 01572 772582.

15 hours of childcare funding is provided for all 3 year olds; a further 15 hours of childcare funding is available from January 2018 for working parents. For further information please contact Sam at the Preschool. You can apply for your funding by clicking here.

Catmose Preschool rates, effective from 1 September 2016, are as follows:


Weekly Daily Rate AM Rate PM Rate
3+ £172 £40 £26 £24

Timings of the Day:

AM: 8.00am – 1.00pm PM: 1.00pm – 6.00pm The weekly rate is multiplied by 50 weeks (allowing for a 2 week Christmas break) to give an annual fee, which is divided by 12 to arrive at the monthly charge. All weeks must be paid for regardless of sickness or family holiday in order to secure the place. We offer the government funding sessions for 3 and 4 year olds. From January 2018 we are delighted to offer 30 hours funded childcare for working parents. Places can be terminated with one months’ notice in writing. All parents pay for bank holidays, but where a child’s weekly place is for two days or less, they may do a day swap at the manager’s discretion if space is available. All meals are provided when paying for a full day. AM sessions include breakfast and lunch. PM sessions include tea. There are no ‘term time only’ places or sibling discounts. A late Charge of £5 for every 5 minutes after 1.00pm & 6.00pm is charged if you are late to pick up your child.


Rutland and District Schools Federation ensures that students with SEN are supported in a wide variety of ways at all settings including:

  • The ethos of settings across the Federation is inclusive;
  • Opportunity for support / provision to go on trips;
  • A wide range of intervention strategies are applied through both pastoral and progress monitoring;
  • A robust tutor, class or room teacher system to ensure all students have access to someone they know well and whose parents can access with ease;
  • Termly monitoring of the progress made by students on the SEN register by relevant staff;
  • Implementation of study support for students and children who would benefit from targeted intervention with a slightly reduced timetable;
  • Students and children with statements have key workers responsible for all aspects of their provision;
  • Careful deployment of staff to maximise progress.

The following provides an overview of the additional support that may be put in place at the Nursery:

  • 2 year check for each child to show the need for any early intervention;
  • Links with the Local Authority outreach team;
  • Board maker/ PECS visual timetable;
  • Recognised speech and language development programme;
  • Key worker system to follow the child’s development closely;
  • Supported timeout;
  • Focus box for children who find it hard to concentrate;
  • Malleable play;
  • Emotion bears;
  • Individual child strategies;
  • 1:1 support when funding is available;
  • IEPs;
  • Staff trained for CAF.

For more information on SEN provision from the Rutland County Council CLICK HERE


There are a number of policies that affect the nursery, some are Catmose Federation ones that apply across the different settings in the trust  others are specific to the nursery. The nursery can also provide written copies of all policies on request. All policies have been updated as of June 2017 and will be available to download soon. If you require a copy please contact the office who will be pleased to forward you one before the update takes place.

Federation Policies – click here

These are policies that affect all organisations within the Federation and are the responsibility of the board of directors. They include: Staffing policies, Safeguarding, Equality and diversity, Medicines, Emergency Evacuation and Complaints

Preschool Specific Policies

To view our policies, please use the tables below. By clicking on a policy, it will open in a new window.

Admissions June 2017
Behaviour Management June 2017
Curriculum June 2017
Employers Liability Insurance September 2017
EYFS June 2017
EYFS Mobile Phone and Camera June 2017
Home and Preschool Agreement June 2017
Lost Child June 2017
Marking, Assessment & Reporting June 2017
Parent fails to collect their child May 2016
SEN Policy July 2016
Uniform June 2017


If you have a query or complaint with regards to the Preschool, please contact the Preschool Senior Practitioner our complaints policy is available from the  Federation policy page.

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