Pupil Page




by Megan McClarty and Aaron Dowdy

Every day of the week we have a different sport on the playgrounds, for example hockey, football, basketball, cricket and tennis. Plus we have hula-hoops and skipping ropes. Each teacher has some time on duty and Mr Noronha coaches the sports. Mr Noronha teaches mini tournaments each lunchtime like football and hockey and also practices cross country with the children. I love doing the fun activities at lunchtimes and playtimes as they help you get used to the sports and get fit.


by Eleanor Garfoot and Ben Gasson

I like how we can make our own decisions of what clubs we want and which we want to do. We have lots of clubs like: homework, choir, orchestra, origami, football, tag ruby and code for life. Clubs are run Monday to Friday so there is something for everyone. Each teacher runs a different club each term so you get to know everyone really well.


by Corey Richardson

I think that it is important to learn an instrument at a young age. I have been involved in music lessons with Mr Donnelly (From Catmose College) alongside other students, it has helped those lots and have encouraged them to play more instruments. There are a wide variety of afterschool music clubs for any student to join for free! If you do not play an instrument, there are clubs where you learn to play such as the piano. At Catmose Primary we are encouraged everyday to challenge ourselves, even in music!

by Philip Tradewell

At school we go on lots of fun learning trips. My favourite trip so far was the residential trip to Beaumanor. Other trips include: lambing farm visit, Forest School, sailing, Snibston, the space centre, Hindu temple visit and a mosque visit. We also go on lots of sporting trips, taking part in lots of tournaments. I am really excited when a permission form is sent out, it means a really exciting trip is coming up!


by Alice Harries

The meals are cooked at the school each morning which means they are really nice. My mum works in the kitchen and she loves seeing all the children and making sure they eat it all up! There is always a wide choice of things to choose from so you never have to eat anything you don’t like which is a good thing.


by Kieran Wallace

Catmose Primary is a great school. I’ve not been at this school for long and already I’m settled in. I think this is because this school lets you show what you can do if you try. Mrs Jackson our head teacher always has the right things to say to you if you are sad or worried. They also offer great bits of advice and can be very helpful. My teacher is kind and helpful. We have a class book that we read together and we have Maths and English each day. We have different topics and science investigations. I like how all classes are named after trees. Lunchtimes are great fun, with sports out everyday. You are called in when it is your classes turn for lunch. You grab your tray and can choose what you would like you have. The lunch ladies are really kind and look after you. At the end of the day the teachers only let you go when they can see your parent is there, they want to keep you safe. The school uniform is a tie and jumper which makes me look smart. I think this is a great school.