Sport is an important part of the curriculum at Catmose Primary, both within PE sessions and as extracurricular activities. Football, netball, gymnastics, dance, rounders, athletics, kwik cricket, cross-country, tag rugby, judo and world dance are all offered at various times of the year.

We have a sports coach who teaches all PE lessons to KS2, ensuring that pupils have specialist PE teaching.  KS2 children are also coached during these PE sessions to enable all pupils to take part in the wide variety of sporting events throughout the school year.

The sports coach also runs lower KS2, upper KS2 and KS1 sporting clubs which are free of charge and open to all pupils.

All classes swim each year for a 10 week block – this ranges from Early Years splash sessions, to KS1 water confidence and independent swimming, to KS2 gala preparation.