In Year 2 and Year 6, pupils sit the National SATs tests in English and Maths. New assessments have been introduced for the children reflecting the move from National Curriculum levels.  We will ensure all parents and carers are updated with assessment information throughout Year 2 and Year 6. In Year 2, children are assessed by their teacher in reading, writing, speaking and listening, numeracy and science. Information on their progress in these subjects is provided to all parents and carers.

In Year 6 pupils access a range of intervention activities to allow them to achieve their best in the test. This includes small group teaching to allow children to access greater depth levels of working. In addition, pupils who are between levels have targeted small group teaching to allow them to achieve their best.

SATs tests in Year 6 are in Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar (SPAG), reading comprehension and numeracy. Pupils are provided with the resources and guidance to revise with parental support in preparation for the tests and regular updates of progress are given throughout these important years.

Schools are not required to publish their exam and assessment results from 2019 to 2022 academic year as these have not been published as performance measures by the Secretary of State.

We continue to display our 2018 2019 performance measures until new performance measures are published.

2018/19 Outcomes

Key Stage/SubjectCatmose PrimaryNational 2018
EYFS – Good Level of Development60%
From a starting point in September of 56% predicted GLD.
Phonics – Year 187%82%
Phonics – Year 297%92%


School EXSSchool GDSNational EXS 2019National GDS 2019

KS2 SATs Examination Results

School EXSSchool GDSNat EXS 2019Nat GDS 2019ProgressAverage Scaled scoreAverage Scaled Score Nat 2019

You can access the DfE performance data for Catmose Primary by clicking here.