Author visit

We were thrilled to welcome author, poet and hip hop artist Karl Nova to school recently. He started the day with a whole school assembly where he talked about how his interest in poetry and rap started as a child. Karl performed one of his poems and the pupils loved hearing his stories. They were amazed to learn that rap stands for rhythm and poetry.

During the day, Key Stage 2 classes had a workshop with Karl where they learnt about different types of poetry and literacy devices to describe, such as similes, metaphors, oxymorons and hyperbole. Pupils wrote their own raps and then performed one as a class to music. Karl encouraged the pupils to think about tempo and performance.

The pupils (and staff) had a brilliant day and Karl has inspired so many of our pupils to write their own poetry in their own time. We would like to thank our PTA, Catmose Primary Friends, for contributing towards paying for the visit. It is a day we won’t forget for a while!