Returning to School

I hope you and your family are well. This is a long post but a vital one for you and your child to read so that we are all clear about what is necessary in the new academic year to allow a safe return to the Primary.

The government has confirmed that they expect all pupils to return to compulsory education on site in the new academic year. Their guidance can be read using the link here:

We are aiming to make the return to School as normal as possible but inevitably the current situation around Covid-19 means our usual way of working is not always possible. I want to outline in as much detail as we can at this point our plans for the new academic year and I will keep you updated if anything should change between now and the summer.


All pupils, unless they have permission from the School, should return wearing full School uniform from Wednesday 26 August. If you have concerns regarding your child returning you should make contact using the email address:

Structure of the day

The start of the new term starts on Wednesday 26 August.

Class Group Parent handover am Times In Parent handover pm Times Out
Ash Class KS2 Playground – to hand over at Ash Class door 9.15 KS2 Playground – to hand over at Ash Class door 3.30


Beech Class KS1 Playground to be met by teachers to walk to outdoor area gates. 9.00 Parents to wait by each class outside are gates. 3.45
Cedar Class
Oak Class KS2 playground.

When whistle is blown, pupils to leave parents line up by classroom outside doors.

9.00 Parent to wait on KS2.  Pupils will walk to parents from class doors. 3.50
Redwood Class
Silver Birch Class
Willow Class



Wrap Around Care

We are able to offer breakfast and after school club, to a small consistent group, each day.  Places MUST be booked with me via WEEKLY in advance and paid for via Parent Pay in advance.  Children not booked will not be able to access the care as we will need to ensure groupings are consistent.

This care will be held in the main hall with a table for each Key Stage group to maintain social distancing.  Breakfast will be served at breakfast club with a light afternoon snack at afterschool club.  This will continue to be staffed by our school staff.

Times for breakfast club: 8.00am until the start of school.

Time for afterschool club: from the end of the school day to 5.00pm.

Please note the change in provision times for the autumn term.


Lessons will be returning to normal for each year group, following a full curriculum.  Interventions for gaps in learning will be in place for each year group.  A focus upon emotional health and well-being will be important as we return to full time schooling. Apart from in Ash Class, classrooms will be set out to ensure all desks are facing forward.  Each pupil will have their own pot with pencils, pens etc to keep sharing of resources to a minimum in each class.  Teachers and teaching assistants will be stay at the front of the class to sustain 2 metre distance from pupils where possible.


Our usual high expectation of pupils remain. We know some pupils will have fallen out of their usual good routines and may struggle initially, however it is vital that for the safety of all that staff instructions are followed. Any pupil who fails to follow the instruction of staff, particularly when it would put another person at risk will be removed from lessons.


We require that pupils and staff clean their hands regularly, including when they arrive at Primary, when they return from breaks, when they change rooms and before and after eating. We strongly recommend therefore that pupils have their own sanitiser that they use regularly.

We are continuing to take the ‘catch-it’, ‘bin-it’ and ‘kill-it’ approach.


We are keen to involve pupils in as much sport as possible and sport lessons will take place within class groups.   We will not be offering contact sports for the foreseeable future, instead we will be starting with sports such as athletics which lend themselves to social distancing.  Our sporting clubs will not be on offer during the Autumn Term.

Visiting the Primary

Wherever possible we will be avoiding asking parents to enter the building. This will include for individual meetings or for events such as parents evenings or performances. If you are asked to visit the building the procedures to keep everyone safe will be discussed and agreed before you can enter.

Parents should therefore not enter the Primary building without an agreed appointment as staff will not be able to meet you on an ad hoc basis. If you need to contact us about a general query please email or phone us using 01572 772583. If you need to contact a teacher please use their email address.

Social Distancing

It is not possible to expect pupils to remain 2 metre apart in School. In lessons even 1 metre will prove challenging in classes which are usually 30 in size. We know though that the risks of Covid-19 to children are small, for many they display no symptoms and for the vast majority only mild ones.

Social bubbles

In order to safely manage a full return, we are following the principle that minimising movement between different groups of pupils is preferable whenever possible to minimise risk. We have used this social bubble model successfully throughout the lockdown period and are confident that similar principles albeit with larger numbers of pupils will work.

The use of class based social bubbles will impact on many aspects of how we work as a School. Pupils will remain with their class group throughout the day which has been structured to minimise mixing with pupils from other classes. We have assigned playtime areas and have organised a staggered lunchtime.

In the autumn term we will be avoiding any large gathering of pupils including for assembly and performances.  There will be no off-site trips for the autumn term.

The use of facemasks and other PPE

We are not recommending the use of facemasks, gloves or other PPE unless an individual risk assessment indicates these steps are required. If individuals wish to wear their own plain facemask they may do so however. If a facemask is worn care must be taken not to touch the front of it during use or when removing as this increases the risk of transmission. Once removed, hands must be washed immediately and disposable masks binned. If the mask is reused it must be placed in a plastic bag that can be taken home.

Further advice can be found by reading the following government guidance:

What happens if there is an outbreak?

If there is an outbreak of Covid-19 at School, we will follow government advice regarding how it is communicated home, how pupils and parents are informed and what steps must be taken as a result of any outbreak. Our first priority will remain the health and wellbeing of our community.

If we need to ask pupils to isolate, we will move back to a distance learning model for those affected in order to ensure pupils can continue to keep up with their studies.

To download Mrs Jackson’s letter regarding our approach to providing remote learning in the event of a local or class lockdown due to COVID 19 during the academic year 2020/21 please click here.

For Frequently Asked Question please click here.